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Icon Identifier: Text-101000470
Title: Static, dynamic and rotational components of strong earthquake shaking near faults
Creator(s): Dravinski, Marijan; Trifunac, Mihailo D.

Icon Identifier: Text-111000558
Title: Seismic risk tables for pseudo relative velocity spectra in regions with shallow seismicity
Creator(s): Westermo, Bruce D.; Anderson, John G.; Trifunac, Mihailo D.; Dravinski, Marijan

Icon Identifier: Text-111000618
Title: Scattering of elastic waves by an alluvial valley of arbitrary shape
Creator(s): Dravinski, Marijan

Icon Identifier: Text-111000682
Title: Ratios of uniform risk spectrum amplitudes for different probabilities of exceedance and for shallow, random seismicity surrounding the site
Creator(s): Dravinski, Marijan; Trifunac, Mihailo D.; Westermo, Bruce D.