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Icon Identifier: Text-201310034
Title: Response reduction effect of using inertial mass dampers in a base isolated structure
Creator(s): Sugimoto, Koichi; Fukukita, Akira; Yamamoto, Sachie; Kitamura, Yoshihisa

Icon Identifier: Text-2013101016
Title: Observed response of a seismically isolated building during the 2011 off the Pacific Coast of Tokoku Earthquake
Creator(s): Saruta, Masaaki; Yamamoto, Sachie; Morikawa, Kazuhiko; Nakanishi, Keiji; Iiba, Masanori; Azuhata, Tatsuya; Inoue, Namihiko

Icon Identifier: Text-2013101027
Title: Study on multi-cyclic characteristics of devices for seismic isolation against long period earthquake motions (Multi-cyclic loading experiment on full-scale high-damping rubber bearing)
Creator(s): Yamamoto, Sachie; Nakanishi, Keiji