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Icon Identifier: Text-201307085
Title: A Damage identification procedure for bridge structures with energy dissipation devices
Creator(s): Benzoni, Gianmario; Amaddeo, Carmen; DiCesare, Antonio; Palermo, Giuseppe

Icon Identifier: Text-201507223
Title: Nonlinear numerical modelling of post-tensioned timber framed buildings in CDS-OpenSees
Creator(s): Ponzo, Felice Carlo; Simonetti, Michele M.; DiCesare, Antonio; Nigro, Domenico; Smith, Tobias; Pampanin, Stefano

Icon Identifier: Text-201507224
Title: Numerical modelling of double concave friction pendulum bearings in CDS-OpenSees
Creator(s): DiCesare, Antonio; Ponzo, Felice Carlo; Leccese, Gianmarco; Nigro, Domenico