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Icon Identifier: Text-201207198
Title: Probabilistic analysis and non-linear semi-active base isolation spectra for aseismic design
Creator(s): Chase, J. G.; Rodgers, Geoffrey W.; Mulligan, K. J.; Mander, John B.; Dhakal, Rajesh P.

Icon Identifier: Text-201207272
Title: DAD post-tensioned concrete connections with lead dampers: analytical models and experimental validation
Creator(s): Rodgers, Geoffrey W.; Chase, J. Geoffrey; Mander, John B.; Dhakal, Rajesh P.; Solberg, Kevin M.

Icon Identifier: Text-201208131
Title: Flexural, axial load and elongation response of plastic hinges in reinforced concrete member
Creator(s): Peng, Brian H. H.; Dhakal, Rajesh P.; Fenwick, Richard C.; Carr, Athol J.; Bull, Des K.

Icon Identifier: Text-2014062011
Title: Performance of ductile highway bridge piers subjected to bi-directional earthquake attacks
Creator(s): Dhakal, Rajesh P.; Mander, John B.; Mashiko, N.

Icon Identifier: Text-2014062012
Title: Incremental dynamic analysis applied to seismic risk assessment of bridges
Creator(s): Mander, John B.; Dhakal, Rajesh P.; Mashiko, N.