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Icon Identifier: Text-2012042710
Title: The Characteristics of geotechnical damage by the 2011 Van-Ercis earthquake
Creator(s): Ulusay, Resat; Kumsar, Halil; Konagai, Kazuo; Aydan, Ömer

Icon Identifier: Text-2012042712
Title: The characteristics of seismic, strong motion and structural damage of the 2011 Van - Ercis earthquake
Creator(s): Konagai, Kazuo; Ulusay, Resat; Kumsar, Halil; Aydan, Ömer; Çelebi, Mehmet

Icon Identifier: Text-201204301
Title: The Characteristics of the triggered 2011 Van-Edremit earthquake and induced damage
Creator(s): Aydan, Ömer; Kumsar, Halil; Ulusay, Resat; Kose, Onur; Çelebi, Mehmet