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Icon Identifier: Text-2014040210
Title: Seismic performance of steel concrete composite structures
Creator(s): De Stefano, Mario; Viti, S.; Polazzi, D.

Icon Identifier: Text-2015071022
Title: Seismic performance of RC multistory frames including P-Delta effects
Creator(s): De Stefano, Mario; Nudo, R.; Viti, S.

Icon Identifier: Text-300047
Title: Analytical and Empirical Models of Axial Force Displacement Behavior of Steel Double Angles
Creator(s): De Stefano, Mario; Astaneh-Asl, Abolhassan

Icon Identifier: Text-300054
Title: An Efficient Algorithm for Second-Order Reliability Analysis
Creator(s): Der Kiureghian, Armen; De Stefano, Mario