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Icon Identifier: Text-201002261
Title: Comparative study on the effectiveness of compaction as a countermeasure against liquefaction during a strong earthquake
Creator(s): Harada, K.; Yasuda, S.; Yoshida, N.; Sato, M.; Sento, N.

Icon Identifier: Text-201002263
Title: Estimation of the zones susceptible to liquefaction-induced flow in Tokyo
Creator(s): Yasuda, S.; Shimizu, Y.; Koganemaru, K.; Isoyama, R.; Ishida, E.

Icon Identifier: Text-201003049
Title: Super high-density realtime disaster mitigation system for city gas supply, with enhanced used of GIS
Creator(s): Koganemaru, K.; Yamazaki, Fumio; Yasuda, S.; Towhata, Ikuo; Shimizu, Y.; Nakayama, W.

Icon Identifier: Text-201505049
Title: Liquefaction and ground failure - General report session III
Creator(s): Iai, Susumu; Ledbetter, R. H.; Figueroa, J. Ludwig; Muraleetharan, Kanthasamy K.; Yasuda, S.