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Icon Identifier: Text-2006092222
Title: Uncertainty modeling for disaster loss estimation
Creator(s): Wong, Felix S.; Chen, Hanyao; Dong, Weimin

Icon Identifier: Text-201602245
Title: Applications of fuzzy set theory in structural and earthquake engineering
Creator(s): Dong, Weimin

Icon Identifier: Text-312705
Title: Risk analysis and seismic safety of existing buildings
Creator(s): Thurston, Howard M.; Dong, Weimin; Boissonnade, Auguste C.; Neghabat, Farrokh; Gere, James M.; Shah, Haresh C.

Icon Identifier: Text-S29756
Title: Improved loss estimation models based on Loma Prieta data : final report
Creator(s): Dong, Weimin; Tung, Albert T. Y.; Wong, Felix S.

Icon Identifier: Text-S34091
Title: Earthquake engineering
Creator(s): Hu, Yu X.; Liu, S. C.; Dong, Weimin

Icon Identifier: Text-S37061
Title: Financial management of earthquake risk
Creator(s): Dong, Weimin