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Icon Identifier: Text-201001229
Title: Performance-based seismic design of a large seismically isolated structure: Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport terminal building
Creator(s): Zekioglu, Atila; Darama, Huseyin; Erkus, Baris

Icon Identifier: Text-201003311
Title: Development of a new precast concrete panel wall system incorporated with energy dissipative dowel connectors
Creator(s): Darama, Huseyin; Shiohara, Hitoshi

Icon Identifier: Text-201202082
Title: Performance based seismic design of base isolated Taipei Performing Art Center
Creator(s): Zekioglu, Atila; Darama, Huseyin; Rees, Simon; Pope, Chas

Icon Identifier: Text-201310104
Title: Implementation of seismic isolation in Turkey for continued functionality
Creator(s): Darama, Huseyin; Zekioglu, Atila