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Icon Identifier: Text-2013042418
Title: Dynamic testing of pre-Northridge and haunch-repaired steel moment connections
Creator(s): Uang, Chia-Ming; Yu, Qi-Song; Bondad, Duane M.

Icon Identifier: Text-2014021811
Title: Seismic evaluation of a 15 story steel concrete hospital building
Creator(s): Allen, Michael G.; Yu, Qi-Song; Mitchell, Carrie E.; Pugliesi, Raymond S.

Icon Identifier: Text-2015052210
Title: Assessment of nonlinear static analysis procedures for seismic evaluation of building structures
Creator(s): Yu, Qi-Song; Heintz, J. A.; Poland, Chris D.

Icon Identifier: Text-S38506
Title: Cyclic response of RBS moment connections : loading sequence and lateral bracing effects
Creator(s): Yu, Qi-Song; Gilton, Chad; Uang, Chia M.