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Icon Identifier: Text-201504069
Title: Seismic stability analysis of a high earth and rockfill dam
Creator(s): Deng, Nan; Ostadan, Farhang; Arango, Ignacio; Marrone, J. E.

Icon Identifier: Text-201504073
Title: Gravel liquefaction analysis of an embankment dam
Creator(s): Vessely, D. Andrew; Deng, Nan

Icon Identifier: Text-201603297
Title: Two dimensional site response analysis
Creator(s): Lysmer, John; Deng, Nan

Icon Identifier: Text-S37316
Title: Energy-based method for liquefaction potential evaluation. phase 1, feasibility study
Creator(s): Ostadan, Farhang; Deng, Nan; Arango, Ignacio