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Icon Identifier: Text-201003049
Title: Super high-density realtime disaster mitigation system for city gas supply, with enhanced used of GIS
Creator(s): Koganemaru, K.; Yamazaki, Fumio; Yasuda, S.; Towhata, Ikuo; Shimizu, Y.; Nakayama, W.

Icon Identifier: Text-201207311
Title: Relationship between damage ratio of expressway embankment and seismic intensity in the 2004 mid-Niigata earthquake
Creator(s): Maruyama, Yoshihisa; Yamazaki, Fumio; Yogai, Hiroyuki; Tsuchiya, Yoshiyuki

Icon Identifier: Text-2014032510
Title: Seismic risk analysis for city gas network in Southern Kanto area, Japan
Creator(s): Nakane, H.; Nakayama, W.; Nabana, K.; Yamauchi, A.; Yamazaki, Fumio

Icon Identifier: Text-2014051512
Title: Object-based image analysis for mapping tsunami-affected areas
Creator(s): Vu, T. T.; Matsuoka, Masashi; Yamazaki, Fumio

Icon Identifier: Text-201407187
Title: Tsunami damage detection using moderate-resolution satellite imagery
Creator(s): Yamazaki, Fumio; Kouchi, K.; Matsuoka, Masashi

Icon Identifier: Text-201504242
Title: Use of microtremors for the estimation of ground vibration characteristics
Creator(s): Ansary, Mehedi A.; Yamazaki, Fumio; Fuse, Mitsuyoshi; Katayama, Tsuneo

Icon Identifier: Text-2015052214
Title: Attenuation relationships of the ground motion parameters considering directivity effects in the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan earthquake
Creator(s): Shabestari, Khosrow T.; Yamazaki, Fumio

Icon Identifier: Text-201505224
Title: Application of automated damage detection of buildings due to earthquakes by panchromatic television images
Creator(s): Mitomi, H.; Matsuoka, Masashi; Yamazaki, Fumio

Icon Identifier: Text-201506048
Title: Detection of building damages due to the 2001 Gujarat, India earthquake using satellite remote sensing
Creator(s): Yusuf, Y.; Matsuoka, Masashi; Yamazaki, Fumio

Icon Identifier: Text-2015071012
Title: Seismic observation system for a building and surrounding ground in Komaba Research Ccampus of the University of Tokyo
Creator(s): Calle, G. D.; Kohiyama, Masayuki; Yamazaki, Fumio

Icon Identifier: Text-2015090915
Title: Statistical estimation of seismic intensity based on JMA accelerometer records
Creator(s): Yamazaki, Fumio; Shabestari, Khosrow T.

Icon Identifier: Text-S36470
Title: Selected papers on earthquake engineering and urban disaster mitigation : ten years in Roppongi
Creator(s): Yamazaki, Fumio

Icon Identifier: Text-S37777
Title: The January 15, 1993 Kushiro-Oki earthquake, a quick look report
Creator(s): Yamazaki, Fumio

Icon Identifier: Text-S37779
Title: A quick look report on the Hokkaido-Nansei-oki earthquake, July 12, 1993
Creator(s): Yamazaki, Fumio; Meguro, Kimiro; Katayama, Tsuneo

Icon Identifier: Text-S39314
Title: Damage detection for the 2003 Algeria earthquake using SAR intensity images
Creator(s): Matsuoka, Masashi; Yamazaki, Fumio