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Icon Identifier: Text-200912096
Title: Effective-stress analysis of gravity quay walls
Creator(s): Dakoulas, Panos; Gazetas, George

Icon Identifier: Text-201504067
Title: Response of earth dams subjected to obliquely incident P and SV waves
Creator(s): Abouseeda, Hassan M.; Dakoulas, Panos

Icon Identifier: Text-S32190
Title: Ground failures under seismic conitions : proceedings of the sessions sponsored by the Geotechnical Engineering Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers in conjunction with the ASCE National Convention in Atlanta, Georgia, October 9-13, 1994
Creator(s): Prakash, Shamsher; Dakoulas, Panos

Icon Identifier: Text-S35559
Title: Geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics III : August 3-6, 1998, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington
Creator(s): Dakoulas, Panos; Yegian, Mishac K.; Holtz, R. D.