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Icon Identifier: Text-300359
Title: Incremental analysis of large deformations in mechanics of solids with applications to axisymmetric shells of revolution
Creator(s): Yaghmai, Saeed

Icon Identifier: Text-300423
Title: Computer Programs for Bending Analysis of Elastic Plastic Circular Plates
Creator(s): Yaghmai, Saeed; Khojasteh-Bakht, Mahmoud; Popov, Egor P.

Icon Identifier: Text-300438
Title: A Bending Analysis of Elastic-Plastic Circular Plates
Creator(s): Popov, Egor P.; Khojasteh-Bakht, Mahmoud; Yaghmai, Saeed

Icon Identifier: Text-300455
Title: Behavior of a Single Span Composite Girder Bridge
Creator(s): Bouwkamp, Jack G.; Brown, Colin B.; Scheffey, Charles F.; Yaghmai, Saeed