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Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF)

Thumbnail Image Image-CR0363 East-west view of construction of new storage module at the NRLF, a 67,000 square foot module of reinforced concrete.
Thumbnail Image Image-CR0364 Formwork for the reinforced concrete shear walls of the NRLF storage module being moved into position.
Thumbnail Image Image-CR0362 Floor slab and reinforcing steel that will become the concrete columns of the new storage module.
Thumbnail Image Image-CR0361 Reinforced concrete shear wall framing for the 67,000 square foot storage extension to the NRLF facilities.
Thumbnail Image Image-CR0365 Formwork for reinforced concrete shear walls, northeast corner of new storage module after being filled with concrete.
Thumbnail Image Image-CR0360 Pumping concrete for the slab foundation of the new reading room at the Northern Regional Library Facility (NRLF) on the Richmond Field Station of the UC Berkeley campus. Steel framing was placed on top of the slab.
Thumbnail Image Image-CR0367 Steel framing for the new reading room at the NRLF in the south-east corner of the existing building.
Thumbnail Image Image-CR0368 View of completed 67,000 square foot storage module in the distance in red cladding and the new reading room in the foreground. NRLF 2005.

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