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UCB/GT-99-13 Centrifuge studies of the seismic performance of reinforced soil structures, Nova-Roessig, Lili M.; Sitar, Nicholas

UCB/GT-99-14 Strength degradation of Holocene bay mud from Marin County, California, under seismic loading, Rau, Gretchen A.; Sitar, Nicholas

UCB/GT-99-16 SPT-Based probabilistic evaluation of seismic soil liquefaction potential, Çetin, Kemal Önder; Seed, Raymond B.; Der Kiureghian, Armen

UCB/GT-99-17 Preliminary report on the geotechnical engineering aspects of the June 15 and June 21, 1999 Mexico earthquakes of the churches, Pestana, Juan M.

UCB/GT-99-18 UC Berkeley geotechnical testing for the east bay crossing of the San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge, Kammerer, Ann Marie; Hunt, Christopher E.; Riemer, Michael F.

UCB/GT-99-19 Influence of peripheral velocity on undrained shear strength and deformability characteristics of a bentonite - kaolinite mixture, Biscontin, Giovanna; Pestana, Juan M.

UCB/GT-99-21 Finite element implementation of an effective stress anisotropic model for lightly overconsolidated clays including hysteretic nonlinearity, Luccioni, Laurent X.; Pestana, Juan M.; Rodriguez-Marek, Adrian