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UCB/GT-94-02 Dynamic testing of soils from SRS/ITP facility, Riemer, Michael F.; Seed, Raymond B.

UCB/GT-94-03 Explosive compaction: densification of loose, saturated, cohensionless soils by blasting, Narin van Court, Wade A.; Mitchell, James Kenneth

UCB/GT-94-04 Hydro_Gen: a new random field generator for correlated properties, Rubin, Yoram; Bellin, Alberto

UCB/GT-94-05 Relation of surficial earth materials to the characteristics of the 1992 Landers earthquake surface rupture, Fenton, Johanna S.; Bray, Jonathan D.

UCB/GT-94-06 Dynamic testing of soils from the Barney Reservoir expansion project, Riemer, Michael F.; Seed, Raymond B.

UCB/GT-94-07 Effects of loading frequency and control on the liquefaction behavior of clean sands, Riemer, Michael F.; Gookin, William B.; Bray, Jonathan D.; Arango, Ignacio