The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/GT-93-02 Debris flow initiation: the role of hydrologic response and soil behavior, Anderson, Scott A.; Sitar, Nicholas

UCB/GT-93-04 Finite element analysis of geosynthetically reinforced soil walls with sloping backfill, Zornberg, Jorge G.; Mitchell, James Kenneth

UCB/GT-93-06 Decomposed granite as an embankment fill material: mechanical properties and the influence of particle breakage, Yapa, Kashyapa A. S.; Mitchell, James Kenneth; Sitar, Nicholas

UCB/GT-93-08 Expert systems approach to regional evaluation of debris flow hazard, Rogers, Cassandra T.; Sitar, Nicholas

UCB/GT-93-09 Characteristics of the deep old bay clay deposits in the East San Francisco Bay Area, Guha, Soumitra; Bray, Jonathan D.; Drnevich, Vincent P.

UCB/GT-93-10 Evaluation of technologies for in-situ cleanup of DNAPL contaminated sites, Grubb, Dennis G.; Sitar, Nicholas