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UCB/GT-78-01 Fabric analysis of undisturbed sands from Niigata, Japan, Guzikowski, Frank J.; Villet, Willem C. B.; Mitchell, James Kenneth

UCB/GT-78-03 Consolidation characteristics of compressible soils determined in-situ by electro-osmosis, Bandyopadhyay, Sunirmal; Mitchell, James Kenneth

UCB/GT-78-04 JTROCK - a computer program for stress analysis of two dimensional, discontinuous rock masses, Hittinger, Marc; Goodman, Richard E.

UCB/GT-78-05 Evaluation of three constitutive models for soils, Lucia, Patrick C.; Duncan, James M.

UCB/GT-78-06 Earth pressures on conduits and retaining walls, Quigley, Donald W.; Duncan, James M.