The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/EERC-2003/01 Accidental torsion in buildings : analysis versus earthquake motions, Lin, Wen-hsiung; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/EERC-2003/02 Earthquake response of symmetric and asymmetric one-story elastic systems with nonlinear fluid viscous dampers or nonlinear viscoelastic dampers, Lin, Wen-hsiung; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/EERC-2003/03 Evaluation of the modal pushover analysis procedure using vertically "regular" and irregular generic frames, Chintanapakdee, Chatpan; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/EERC-2003/04 Geotechnical engineering reconnaissance of the November 3, 2002 Mw 7.9 Denali earthquake, Alaska [electronic resource], Kayen, Robert E.; Sitar, Nicholas; Carver, Gary A.; Collins, Brian; Moss, Robb E. S.

UCB/EERC-2003/05 Dimensional analysis of inelastic structures subjected to near fault ground motions, Makris, Nicos; Black, Cameron J.

UCB/EERC-2003/06 Recent advances in soil liquefaction engineering: a unified and consistent framework, Seed, Raymond B.; Moss, Robb E. S.; Kammerer, Ann Marie; Wu, Jiaer; Pestana, Juan M.; Riemer, Michael F.; Sancio, Rodolfo B.; Bray, Jonathan D.; Kayen, Robert E.; Faris, Allison; Çetin, Kemal Önder

UCB/EERC-2003/07 Seismic response analysis of plaster cast sculptures on the University of California campus, Constantinides, Margarita; Makris, Nicos; Miller, Stephen G.

UCB/EERC-2003/08 A modal pushover analysis procedure to estimate seismic demands for unsymmetric-plan buildings : theory and preliminary evaluation, Chopra, Anil K.; Goel, Rakesh K.

UCB/EERC-2003/09 Inelastic deformation ratios for design and evaluation of structures: single-degree-of-freedom bilinear systems, Chopra, Anil K.; Chintanapakdee, Chatpan