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UCB/EERC-96/01 Earthquake engineering research at Berkeley - 1996: papers presented at the 11th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering

UCB/EERC-96/02 Field testing of bridge design and retrofit concepts: Part 2 of 2: Experimental and analytical studies of the Mt. Diablo Blvd. bridge, Gilani, Amir S.; Chavez, Juan W.; Fenves, Gregory L.

UCB/EERC-96/03 Experimental and analytical evaluation of a retrofit double-deck viaduct structure, Zayati, Foued; Mahin, Stephen A.; Moehle, Jack P.

UCB/EERC-96/04 Experimental and analytical studies of base isolation applications for low-cost housing, Taniwangsa, Wendy; Kelly, James M.

UCB/EERC-96/05 Application of "dog bones" for improvement of seismic behavior of steel connections, Popov, Egor P.; Blondet, J. Marcial; Stepanov, Lev