The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/EERC-87/01 The FPS earthquake resisting system: experimental report, Zayas, Victor A.; Low, Stanley S.; Mahin, Stephen A.

UCB/EERC-87/02 Earthquake simulation tests and associated studies of a 0.3-scale model of a six-story eccentrically braced steel structure, Whittaker, Andrew S.; Uang, Chia-Ming; Bertero, Vitelmo V.

UCB/EERC-87/03 A displacement control and uplift restraint device for base isolated structures, Kelly, James M.; Griffith, Michael C.; Aiken, Ian D.

UCB/EERC-87/04 Earthquake simulator testing of a combined sliding bearing and rubber bearing isolation system, Kelly, James M.; Chalhoub, Michel S.

UCB/EERC-87/05 Three-dimensional inelastic analysis of reinforced concrete frame-wall structures, Moazzami, Sara; Bertero, Vitelmo V.

UCB/EERC-87/06 Experiments on eccentrically braced frames with composite floors, Ricles, James M.; Popov, Egor P.

UCB/EERC-87/07 Dynamic analysis of seismically resistant eccentrically braced frames, Ricles, James M.; Popov, Egor P.

UCB/EERC-87/08 Undrained cyclic triaxial testing of gravels -- the effect of membrane compliance, Evans, Mark D.; Seed, H. Bolton

UCB/EERC-87/09 Hybrid solution techniques for generalized pseudodynamic testing, Thewalt, Christopher R.; Mahin, Stephen A.

UCB/EERC-87/10 Ultimate behavior of butt welded splices in heavy rolled steel sections, Bruneau, Michel; Mahin, Stephen A.; Popov, Egor P.

UCB/EERC-87/11 Residual strength of sand from dam failures in the Chilean earthquake of March 3, 1985, De Alba, Pedro; Seed, H. Bolton; Retamal, Eugenio; Seed, Raymond B.

UCB/EERC-87/12 Inelastic seismic response of structures with mass or stiffness eccentricities in plan, Bruneau, Michel; Mahin, Stephen A.

UCB/EERC-87/13 CSTRUCT: an interactive computer environment for the design and analysis of earthquake resistant steel structures, Austin, Mark A.; Mahin, Stephen A.; Pister, Karl S.

UCB/EERC-87/14 Experimental study of reinforced concrete columns subjected to multi-axial cyclic loading, Low, Stanley S.; Moehle, Jack P.

UCB/EERC-87/15 Relationships between soil conditions and earthquake ground motions in Mexico City in the earthquake of Sept. 19, 1985, Seed, H. Bolton; Romo, Miguel P.; Sun, Joseph I.; Jaime, Alberto; Lysmer, John

UCB/EERC-87/16 Experimental study of seismic response of R.C. setback buildings, Shahrooz, Bahram M.; Moehle, Jack P.

UCB/EERC-87/17 The effect of slabs on the flexural behavior of beams, Pantazopoulou, Stavroula J. (Voula); Moehle, Jack P.

UCB/EERC-87/18 Design procedure for R-FBI bearings, Mostaghel, Naser; Kelly, James M.

UCB/EERC-87/19 Analytical models for predicting the lateral response of R C shear walls: evaluation of their reliability, Vulcano, Alfonso; Bertero, Vitelmo V.

UCB/EERC-87/20 Earthquake response of torsionally-coupled buildings, Hejal, Reem; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/EERC-87/21 Dynamic reservoir interaction with Monticello Dam, Clough, Ray W.; Ghanaat, Yusof; Qiu, Xiong-Fei

UCB/EERC-87/22 Strength evaluation of coarse-grained soils, Siddiq, Farhat H.; Seed, Raymond B.; Chan, Clarence K.; Seed, H. Bolton; Pyke, Robert M.