The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/EERC-85/01 Simplified methods of analysis for earthquake resistant design of buildings, Cruz, Ernesto F.; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/EERC-85/02 Estimation of seismic wave coherency and rupture velocity using the SMART 1 strong-motion array recordings, Abrahamson, Norman A.

UCB/EERC-85/03 Dynamic properties of a thirty-story condominium tower building, Stephen, Roy M.; Wilson, Edward L.; Stander, Nielen

UCB/EERC-85/04 Development of substructuring techniques for on-line computer controlled seismic performance testing, Dermitzakis, Stavros N.; Mahin, Stephen A.

UCB/EERC-85/05 A simple model for reinforcing bar anchorages under cyclic excitations, Filippou, Filip C.

UCB/EERC-85/06 Racking behavior of wood-framed gypsum panels under dynamic load, Oliva, Michael G.

UCB/EERC-85/07 Earthquake analysis and response of concrete arch dams, Fok, Ka-lun; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/EERC-85/08 Effect of inelastic behavior on the analysis and design of earthquake resistant structures, Lin, Jonathan P.; Mahin, Stephen A.

UCB/EERC-85/09 Earthquake simulator testing of a base-isolated bridge deck, Kelly, James M.; Buckle, Ian G.; Tsai, Hsiang-Chuan

UCB/EERC-85/10 Simplified analysis for earthquake resistant design of concrete gravity dams, Fenves, Gregory L.; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/EERC-85/11 Dynamic interaction effects in arch dams, Clough, Ray W.; Chang, K. T.; Chen, Huo-Qun; Ghanaat, Yusof

UCB/EERC-85/12 Dynamic response of Long Valley Dam in the Mammoth Lake earthquake series of May 25-27, 1980, Lai, Shyh-Shiun; Seed, H. Bolton

UCB/EERC-85/13 A methodology for computer-aided design of earthquake-resistant steel structures, Austin, Mark A.; Pister, Karl S.; Mahin, Stephen A.

UCB/EERC-85/14 Response of tension-leg platforms to vertical seismic excitations, Liou, Gin-Show; Penzien, Joseph; Yeung, Ronald W.

UCB/EERC-85/15 Cyclic loading tests of masonry single piers: Volume 4 -- Additional tests with height to width ratio of 1, Sveinsson, Bjorn Ingi; McNiven, Hugh D.; Sucuoglu, Haluk

UCB/EERC-85/16 An experimental program for studying the dynamic response of a steel frame with a variety of infill partitions, Yanev, Bojidar; McNiven, Hugh D.