The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/EERC-81/01 Control of seismic response of piping systems and other structures by base isolation, Kelly, James M.

UCB/EERC-81/02 OPTNSR: an interactive software system for optimal design of statically and dynamically loaded structures with nonlinear response, Bhatti, M. Asghar; Ciampi, Vincenzo; Pister, Karl S.

UCB/EERC-81/03 Analysis of local variations in free field seismic ground motion, Chen, Jian-Chu; Lysmer, John; Seed, H. Bolton

UCB/EERC-81/04 Inelastic structural modeling of braced offshore platforms for seismic loading, Zayas, Victor A.; Shing, Pui-shum B.; Mahin, Stephen A.; Popov, Egor P.

UCB/EERC-81/05 Dynamic response of light equipment in structures, Der Kiureghian, Armen; Sackman, Jerome L.; Nour-Omid, Bahram

UCB/EERC-81/06 Preliminary experimental investigation of a broad base liquid storage tank, Bouwkamp, Jack G.; Kollegger, Johann P.; Stephen, Roy M.

UCB/EERC-81/07 The seismic resistant design of R/C coupled structural walls, Aktan, Ahmet E.; Bertero, Vitelmo V.

UCB/EERC-81/09 Experimental behavior of a spatial piping system with steel energy absorbers subjected to a simulated differential seismic input, Stiemer, Siegfried F.; Godden, William G.; Kelly, James M.

UCB/EERC-81/10 Evaluation of seismic design provisions for masonry in the United States, Sveinsson, Bjorn Ingi; Mayes, Ronald L.; McNiven, Hugh D.

UCB/EERC-81/11 Two-dimensional hybrid modelling of soil-structure interaction, Tzong, Tsair-jyh; Gupta, Sunil; Penzien, Joseph

UCB/EERC-81/12 Studies on effects of infills in seismic resistant R/C construction, Brokken, Steven T.; Bertero, Vitelmo V.

UCB/EERC-81/13 Linear models to predict the nonlinear seismic behavior of a one-story steel frame, Valdimarsson, Helgi; Shah, Arvind H.; McNiven, Hugh D.

UCB/EERC-81/14 TLUSH: a computer program for the three-dimensional dynamic analysis of earth dams, Kagawa, Takaaki; Mejia, Lelio H.; Seed, H. Bolton; Lysmer, John

UCB/EERC-81/15 Three dimensional dynamic response analysis of earth dams, Mejia, Lelio H.; Seed, H. Bolton

UCB/EERC-81/16 Experimental study of lead and elastomeric dampers for base isolation systems, Kelly, James M.; Hodder, Stuart B.

UCB/EERC-81/17 The influence of base isolation on the seismic response of light secondary equipment, Kelly, James M.

UCB/EERC-81/18 Studies on evaluation of shaking table response analysis procedures, Blondet, J. Marcial

UCB/EERC-81/19 DELIGHT.STRUCT: a computer-aided design environment for structural engineering, Balling, Richard J.; Pister, Karl S.; Polak, Elijah L.

UCB/EERC-81/20 Optimal design of seismic-resistant planar steel frames, Balling, Richard J.; Ciampi, Vincenzo; Pister, Karl S.; Polak, Elijah L.