The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/EERC-73/02 Analysis of the slides in the San Fernando dams during the earthquake of Feb. 9, 1971, Seed, H. Bolton; Lee, Kenneth L.; Idriss, I. M.; Makdisi, Faiz I.

UCB/EERC-73/03 Computer aided ultimate load design of unbraced multistory steel frames, El-Hafez, M. Bassam; Powell, Graham H.

UCB/EERC-73/04 Experimental investigation into the seismic behavior of critical regions of reinforced concrete components as influenced by moment and shear, Çelebi, Mehmet; Penzien, Joseph

UCB/EERC-73/05 Hysteretic behavior of epoxy-repaired reinforced concrete beams, Çelebi, Mehmet; Penzien, Joseph

UCB/EERC-73/06 General purpose computer program for inelastic dynamic response of plane structures, Kanaan, Amin E.; Powell, Graham H.

UCB/EERC-73/07 A computer program for earthquake analysis of gravity dams including hydrodynamic interaction, Chakrabarti, Parthasarathi; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/EERC-73/08 Behavior of reinforced concrete deep beam-column subassemblages under cyclic loads, Kustu, Onder; Bouwkamp, Jack G.

UCB/EERC-73/09 Earthquake analysis of structure-foundation systems, Vaish, Ashok K.; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/EERC-73/10 Deconvolution of seismic response for linear systems, Reimer, Richard B.

UCB/EERC-73/11 SAP IV: a structural analysis program for static and dynamic response of linear systems, Bathe, Klaus-Jürgen; Wilson, Edward L.; Peterson, Fred E.

UCB/EERC-73/12 Analytical investigations of the seismic response of long multiple span highway bridges, Tseng, Wen S.; Penzien, Joseph

UCB/EERC-73/13 Earthquake analysis of multistory buildings including foundation interaction, Chopra, Anil K.; Gutierrez, Jorge A.

UCB/EERC-73/14 ADAP: a computer program for static and dynamic analysis of arch dams, Clough, Ray W.; Raphael, Jerome M.; Mojtahedi, Soheil

UCB/EERC-73/15 Cyclic plastic analysis of structural steel joints, Pinkney, R. Bruce

UCB/EERC-73/16 QUAD-4: a computer program for evaluating the seismic response of soil structures by variable damping finite element procedures, Idriss, I. M.; Lysmer, John; Hwang, Richard N.; Seed, H. Bolton

UCB/EERC-73/17 Dynamic behavior of a multistory pyramid-shaped building, Stephen, Roy M.; Hollings, Jeffrey P.; Bouwkamp, Jack G.

UCB/EERC-73/19 Olive View Medical Center materials studies -- Phase I, Bresler, Boris; Bertero, Vitelmo V.

UCB/EERC-73/21 Constitutive models for cyclic plastic deformation of engineering materials, Kelly, James M.; Gillis, Peter P.

UCB/EERC-73/22 DRAIN-2D user's guide, Powell, Graham H.

UCB/EERC-73/23 Earthquake engineering research at Berkeley -- 1973

UCB/EERC-73/25 Earthquake response of axisymmetric tower structures surrounded by water, Liaw, C. Y.; Chopra, Anil K.

UCB/EERC-73/26 Investigation of the failures of the Olive View stairtowers during the San Fernando earthquake and their implications on seismic design, Bertero, Vitelmo V.; Collins, Robert G.

UCB/EERC-73/27 Further studies on seismic behavior of steel beam-column subassemblages, Bertero, Vitelmo V.; Krawinkler, Helmut; Popov, Egor P.