The Earthquake Engineering Online Archive  NISEE e-Library

UCB/EERC-71/01 The Koyna earthquake of December 11, 1967 and the performance of Koyna Dam, Chopra, Anil K.; Chakrabarti, Parthasarathi

UCB/EERC-71/02 Preliminary in-situ measurements of anelastic absorption in soils using a prototype earthquake simulator, Borcherdt, Roger D.; Rodgers, Peter W.

UCB/EERC-71/03 Static and dynamic analysis of inelastic frame structures, Porter, Frank L.; Powell, Graham H.

UCB/EERC-71/04 Research needs in limit design of reinforced concrete structures, Bertero, Vitelmo V.

UCB/EERC-71/05 Dynamic behavior of a high-rise diagonally braced steel building, Rea, Dixon; Shah, A. A.; Bouwkamp, Jack G.

UCB/EERC-71/06 Dynamic stress analysis of porous elastic solids saturated with compressible fluids, Ghaboussi, Jamshid

UCB/EERC-71/07 Inelastic behavior of steel beam-to-column subassemblages, Krawinkler, Helmut; Bertero, Vitelmo V.; Popov, Egor P.

UCB/EERC-71/08 Modification of seismograph records for effects of local soil conditions, Schnabel, Per B.; Seed, H. Bolton; Lysmer, John