Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ54 In 1669, Mount Etna erupted from March through July. Image depicts eruptions and devastating lava flow, which destroyed much of the walled city of Catania. In the distance is Stromboli Island and volcano. 8 numbered areas are keyed to legend at top. No.3 (lower left) supposedly depicts injury to Athanasius Kircher, who was probably not actually there. (In 1630, however, he had had himself lowered into Etna to observe it.) (Copper engraving, Netherlands)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ932 "Sepulchralis terraemotus sustinendus omnibus. Solum super est sepulchrum." Eruption of Mt. Etna in the background with accompanying earthquake damage. (Sicily)