Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ600 Cabins shaken and damaged. People outside in panic. (Near New Madrid, Missouri)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ601 Rough waves on the Mississippi River, near New Madrid, Missouri (Near New Madrid)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ602 Riverbanks falling into the Missouri River. Trees broken and leaning. (Missouri River)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ603 Steamboat navigating the river full of uprooted trees and snags. (Missouri River)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ604 Steamboat navigating the Missouri River full of uprooted trees and debris. (Tinted version of KZ603, caption in Czech)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ605 Clearing a passage for the riverboats on the Missouri River. (Colored engraving, caption in Czech)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ606 Artistic impression of clearing debris from the Mississippi, near New Madrid, Missouri. (Caption in German)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ950 Map of the West Indies, the United States, and northern part of South America. Includes Mexico, Colombia, Central America, etc. The New Madrid area, including the Mississippi and Missouri River valleys, is indicated on the map suggesting European interest in the 1811-12 earthquakes. The dark line up the center of the U.S. indicates the western edge of the recently acquired Louisiana Purchase and the boundary with Spanish-held territories. Various colonial powers are indicated by color; see lower left corner for legend.