Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ455 People run from the town to the seashore in Nice.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ456 Inhabitants camping at the sea shore. Maiden school in Nice collapsed.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ457 Street scene in Menton people camping outside houses, damaged buildings in background. (Newspaper illustration) (Menton, France)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ458 Collapsed school building in Nice, France (left) and heavy damage to houses in Diano Marina, Italy. (right) (Newspaper illustration) (French Riviera)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ459 People camping in their carriages at the seashore in Menton. (Newspaper illustrations) (Menton, France)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ460 Houses in the Avenue de la Gare. Center house heavily damaged, others not as much.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ461 Damaged house Nice, France. (same as KZ467)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ462 Left: Rue Partono, Menton. Right: Rue Debray, Nice.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ463 Town of Diano Marina ruined (Diano Marina, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ464 Reconstruction begins in Bussana. (Bussana, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ465 Clearing rubble in Diano Marina, Italy.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ466 People running from the earthquake (Diano Marina, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ467 Collapse of Maiden School in Nice.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ468 Eight damaged buildings in Menton, France.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ469 Collapsed Maiden School in St. Stephen quarter of Nice. (Nice, France)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ470 Figures 1-5: damage to individual buildings. Fig 6: Camping outside the town. (Menton, France)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ471 Destroyed house at L'Avenue de la Gare, Menton, France.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ472 Upper: damaged building at Menton. Lower: Open-air 'shops'.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ473 Top and bottom: Refugees camping out. Middle: Damaged buildings.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ474 Transporting the dead for burial. (Diano Marina, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ526 Church of Baiardo, Italy. The whole roof has collapsed into the nave.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ697 People gathering out of doors after the earthquake. (Newspaper illustration) (Nice, France)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ803 Effects of the Menton, France earthquake felt in Italy. 'Searching the ruins at Diano-Marina on the coast of Italy.'
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ849 Villa Cipollino in Menton. 2-story house, ground floor appears undamaged, while upper floor has collapsed. (Menton, France)