Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ418 Mt. Bandai volcano after the eruption. Detailed pictures of the event. Dead and wounded shown. (Mt. Bandai, Japan)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ419 Top: Collapsed country house. Bottom: Family members take care of injured child. (Mt. Bandai, Japan)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ420 After eruption of Mt. Bandai: People outside on the street. Transport of dead and wounded. (Mt. Bandai, Japan)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ829 Eruption of Mt. Bandai, captions left to right: [1] A village blown down by the wind; [2] Steam issuing from the ground; [3] Pile of boulders thrown up by the eruption; [4] General view of what is left of the mountain; [5] View from the upper edge of the crater; [6] View from the bottom of the crater. (Japan)