Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ410 St. Andrew's Church, Langenhoe, Colchester. Left view reproduced in British weekly newspaper. Right view is a book illustration. (London, 1884 and 1888) (Colchester, England)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ411 Tower of St. Andrew's Church, Langenhoe, Colchester, with exaggerated damage. (East Anglia, 1884) (Colchester, England)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ412 A ruined cottage at Abberton, a village four miles south of Colchester (Essex). (Abberton (Colchester), England)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ413 Earthquake damage in villages near Colchester. Locations given in picture captions. (New York, 1884) (Near Colchester, England)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ414 St. Andrew's Church, Langenhoe, Colchester. (Photograph, 1884?) (Colchester, England)