Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ389 Three views of Ischia: 1) Hotel of the Piccola Sentinella before the earthquake, 2) Entrance to the hotel after the earthquake 3) general view of hotel after the earthquake. (Ischia, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ390 Searching for bodies in the ruins of Casamicciola. (Casamicciola, Italy.)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ391 Top: Piazza Mangin, bottom: Piccola Santinella Hotel. Both structures in ruins (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ392 Viola Barbieri totally ruined. Notice the structure in upper left corner shows less damage. (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ393 Strada Garibaldi (top) and theater (bottom) in Casamicciola. Note relatively lesser damage to wooden theater building. (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ394 Eight views of Casamicciola before and after the earthquake. Note the telegraph office (bottom left) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ395 Ruins of unreinforced masonry buildings in Casamicciola, Italy. SEE ALSO KZ885.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ396 Ruins of the Hotel Piccola Sentinella (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ397 Searching for bodies in the ruins of the Hotal Piccola Sentinella. (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ398 Ruins of the Hotel Piccola Sentinella (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ399 Five central images surrounded by 21 smaller images showing the main effects of the earthquake. (Color lithograph) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ400 Views of Casamicciola after the earthquake. (Vienna, 1883) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ401 Relief workers recover the bodies of people buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings. (Stuttgart, 1884)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ402 Top: The King of Italy's ship arrives at Casamicciola. Bottom: The King visits the ruins. (Paris?, 1883) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ403 Top: Clearing the rubble. Bottom: Removing the dead (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ404 Top: Body of a young boy. Middle: Hotel Piccola Sentinella in ruins. Bottom: Body of a woman. (Paris, 1883) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ405 Top: Hotel de Ville. Bottom: Bishop's Palace. (Paris, 1883. After a photograph in Figaro) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ406 Top: The Gurgitello Baths. Bottom: (top) Church of the Assumption. (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ407 Temporary housing (top) and a new cemetery for victims of the earthquake. (Paris, 1883. After photographs) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ408 View of Casamicciola after the earthquake. (Photograph, Berlin?, 1883 (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ885 Ruins of unreinforced masonry buildings in Casamicciola. SEE ALSO KZ395. (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZA17 Inhabitants of Casamicciola fleeing the earthquake. (Wood engraving, 1890, artist unknown)