Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ372 Ruins of Casamicciola, Isle of Ischia. (Wood engraving?) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ373 Four views of Casamicciola: 1) searching for the dead, 2) Spezieria and Santa Barbara Street, 3) Carrying away the dead, 4) ruins of the Church of the Purgatorio.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ374 People fleeing in panic from Casamicciola. (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ375 Part of Casamicciola in ruins. (Newspaper illustration) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ376 Five images of Casamicciola after the earthquake: camping outside, searching in ruins, identifying the dead, etc. (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ377 Casamicciola in ruins. Carrying a victim of the earthquake in foreground (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ378 Casamicciola before and after the earthquake. (Newspaper illustrations) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ379 Structural damage to Majo Square and Magdalen Church in Casamicciola. (Newspaper illustrations) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ380 Top: Searching for victims in the ruins of the Church of Purgatory(?) Bottom: transporting the dead. (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ381 Casamicciola in ruins. (B/w photograph, 1881) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ382 Ruined houses in Casamicciola. (B/w photograph, 1881) (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ383 Two views of Casamicciola in ruins. (Casamicciola, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ714 Clearing away the debris of failed buildings. (Newspaper illustration, New York, 1881.) (Ischia, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ724 Interior of a church after the earthquake. (Newspaper illustration from photograph) (Island of Ischia, Italy)