Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ271 Mountain village damaged by the quake. (Newspaper illustration, England, 19th c.) (St. Niklaus, Switzerland)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ336 Imaginary scene from the Viege (Visp) earthquake. (Visp, Switzerland)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ688 People attending religious service. Note crooked towers in town and scars of landslips on the mountain face. (Visp, Switzerland)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ850 Fanciful depiction of St Nicholas Valley (modern Nikolaital Valley) in the throes of an earthquake. (Valais Canton, Switzerland)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ892 Colorful representation of local reaction to Swiss earthquake. Structural damage, but structures in background appear undamaged. Book illustration from unknown publication. (Visp (?), Switzerland)