Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ257 German broadside depicting of European-style town damaged by earthquake, with descriptive text: 'Excerpt of the received list of places in Syria that were more or less destroyed by the recent horrible earthquake. In the district Aklin el Tiffa 13 towns and villages suffered, that is, the towns el Miliah, Aim Mebli ... Hazum ... and Zigish. This district lost 178 people [and] 600 goats were killed at Castell Bilad Ekliff ... Of eight places in this district the loss of human lives has been reported and is 438 souls, for the others it was impossible to find out the losses ... The third district, Mevigaoun, is totally destroyed, of all 19 places not much more than a heap of rubble is left and therefore it is impossible to give a number for the loss of human lives. As far as the larger cities are concerned, in Damascus 4 minarets and some houses collapsed and 7 to 8 people died. In Acre the fortifications suffered heavily and the loss of lives was approximately the same as in Damascus, likewise in Sidon; Tyrus and Nazareth only suffered a little, the destruction and loss of lives in Nablus is not known; but Jasset and Tiberias are completely destroyed and in the first city 4000-5000, in the last one 1000 people died.'