Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ421 Serious damage to houses and church (Abumelas, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ422 Village in the mountains of Andalusia. People in panic, church and houses collapsing. (Andalusia region, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ423 People searching among the ruins after the disaster. (Alhama, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ424 Ruined chapel of the High Church: roof has fallen in.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ425 Four images of the ruined town. (Alhama, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ426 People camping in an open field. (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ427 Ruined town, refugees camping outside. Large ground fissures.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ428 Geophysical damage near Guevajar, Spain. (Guevajar, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ429 Large ground fissures near Zafarraia, Spain (Zafarraia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ430 People frightened by the earthquake in Andalusia (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ431 Scenes of the damage to the towns of Albunuelas and Loja. (Albunuelas and Loja, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ432 Views of Alhama and Gelhada. Fig. 1 and 3 of ruined town. Fig. 2 and 4, camping refugees. (Alhama and Gelhada, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ433 Coffins opened by the earthquake, cadavers being eaten by wild pigs. (Alhama, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ435 King of Spain visits earthquake victims in field hospital. (Newspaper illustration, Spain) (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ436 Houses damaged, buttressed by wooden supports (Malaga, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ437 Refugees camping (Granada, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ438 Various aspects of the earthquake. (Newspaper illustration) (Malaga, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ439 Effects of the earthquake in Granada and Malaga. (Newspaper illustration) (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ440 Effects of the earthquake in Malaga. (Newspaper illustration) (Malaga, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ441 Street full of rubble in Alhama. (Newspaper illustration)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ442 Effects of the earthquake in Spain. (Newspaper illustration) (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ443 Barrio de Baena in Alhama in ruins. (Newspaper illustration) (Alhama, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ444 Left: Street in Granada. Right: Convent del Angel. (Newspaper illustrations after photos by D.J. Oses) (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ445 Ruined buildings in Plaza de la Victoria. (Newspaper illustrations after photos by D.J. Oses) (Malaga, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ446 Earthquake damage in Periana. (Newspaper illustrations) (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ447 Top: Structural damage. Bottom: Geotechnical damage. (Newspaper illustrations) (Near Granada, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ448 The King of Spain and his entourage travel to Granada. (Newspaper illustration) (Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ449 Refugee camp. (Newspaper illustration) (Torre del Mar, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ450 Ruined buildings in Alhama (Newspaper illustration)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ451 'Religious images without a home.' (Newspaper illustration) (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ452 Ruins in the province of Granada. (Newspaper illustration) (Granada, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ453 Earthquakes in the province of Granada. A visit by the King. (Newspaper illustration) (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ454 Earthquake damage in the Granada area. (Newspaper illustration) (Granada, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ527 People in Granada taking shelter in wooden huts and tents
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ528 'General view of the ruins of Alhama.'
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ529 The Tajo cliff at Alhama, houses totally destroyed.(Wood engraving)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ530 A street in Alhama, Spain.
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ531 Chapel of the High Church at Alhama. Roof has fallen in. (Alhama, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ532 Top: Calle de Aquas, street in Alhama. Bottom: Religious (?) procession at Granada (Alhama and Granada, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ533 Two views of Albunuelas in ruins (Albunuelas, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ696 Religious procession through ruined Spanish town. (Italian newspaper illustration) (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ702 'In the ruins of the convent'. (Newspaper illustration) (Andalusia, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ703 Earthquake in Spain. Humorous illustration in a popular magazine. (Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ704 View of part of Alhama. (Newspaper illustration)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ705 Sensationalistic scene of half-naked people running into street. Supposedly took place on Christmas Day, 1884, eleven days before the main shock. (Newspaper illustration) (Malaga, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ706 Damaged chapel, its walls shored-up by poles. (Newspaper illustration) (Alhama, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ707 Damaged buildings shored-up with poles. (Newspaper illustration) (Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ708 Inhabitants of Albunuelas leaving the ruined town. (Colored lithograph, Paris, 1885) (Albunuelas, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ709 Earthquake victims gathered in church courtyard. (Colored lithograph, Paris, 1885) (Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ784 Three scenes of damage in Spanish towns. (Newspaper illustrations) (Alhama and Albunuelas, Spain)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ80 Seriously damaged village (Alhama?) in Andalusia. Large cracks in the ground. (Copper engraving, 19th c.)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ806 Ruined buildings in Alhama. (Newspaper illustrations)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ807 Temporary shelters for inhabitants of Granada. (Granada, Spain)