Jan Kozak Collection: Historical Earthquakes

Thumbnail Image Image-KZ24 Ferrara on left, Florence on right with fire. Heavy thunderstorms. (Woodcut, Germany, ca.1570) (Florence and Ferrara, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ25 City of Ferrara heavily damaged by earthquake. Large cracks in castle walls. (Ink and watercolor on paper, 1570?) (Ferrara, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZ26 City of Ferrara damaged by 1570 earthquake. Naked refuges fleeing town. Ground fissures, broken church spires (Copper engraving, 1594) (Ferrara, Italy)
Thumbnail Image Image-KZA6 Formulaic depiction of earthquake damage. (Woodcut, Switzerland? late 16th c.) (Ferrara, Italy(?))