Structures Incorporating Tuned Mass Dampers


This list of applications of tuned mass dampers has been developed by the Protective Systems Research Group of the Earthquake Engineering Research Center at the University of California at Berkeley. The list extends through 1994. It is based upon a similar list by J.D. Holmes*. We welcome any comments or additions to this list so that we can keep it up to date. For instructions, please go to our feedback page.

*Engineering Structures, Vol.17, No.9, November 1995

Worldwide Applications of Tuned Mass Dampers
Name and type of structure
Type and number of dampers
Date of installation (approx.)
Other information (natural frequencies, effective damper mass etc.)
CN TowerTV antenna
Toronto, Canada passive tuned mass damper1973-
John Hancock Building
Boston, USApassive tuned mass dampers (2)19770.14 Hz
2 x 300t
damping ratio: 4%
City Corp Center
(high-rise building)
New York, USApassive tuned mass damper19780.16Hz
damping ratio:
no TMD~1%
with TMD~4%
Sydney Tower
(305 m)
Sydney, Australiapassive tuned mass damper (pendulum type)1980/10.10, 0.50 Hz
220 t
Al Khobar
2 chimnies
(120 m)
Saudi Arabiapassive tuned mass damper19820.44 Hz
Ruwais Utilities chimneyAbu Dhabipassive tuned mass damper19820.49 Hz
Deutsche Bundespost
cooling tower (278 m)
Nornberg, Germanypassive tuned mass damper19820.67 Hz
Yanbu Cement Plant
chimney (81 m)
Saudi Arabiapassive tuned mass damper19840.49 Hz
Hydro-Quebec wind generator
Canadapassive tuned mass damper19850.7-1.2 Hz
Chiba Port Tower
Chiba, Japan2 passive tuned mass dampers19860.43-0.44 Hz
10, 15t
Pylon, Aratsu Bridge
Japanpassive tuned mass damper1987-
Pylon, Yokohama Bay Bridge
Yokohama, Japanpassive tuned mass damper1988-
Bin Quasim Thermal Power Station
(70 m)
Pakistanpassive tuned mass damper19880.99 Hz
4.5 t
Tiwest Rutile Plant
chimney (43 m )
Australiapassive tuned mass damper19890.92 Hz
Fukuoka Tower
(151 m)
Fukuoka, Japan2 passive tuned mass dampers19890.31-0.33 Hz
25, 30 t
Higashiyama Sky Tower
(134 m)
Nagoya, Japanpassive tuned mass damper19890.49-0.55 Hz
Pylon, Bannaguru Bridge
Japanpassive tuned mass damper1990-
Crystal Tower
(157 m)
Osaka, Japan2 passive tuned mass dampers19900.24-0.28 Hz
180, 360 t
Huis Ten Bosch DomtorenNagasaki, Japanpassive tuned mass damper19900.65-0.67 Hz
Hibikiryokuchi Sky Tower
(135 m)
Kitakyushu, Japanpassive tuned mass damper1991-
HKW chimney
Frankfurt,Germanypassive tuned mass damper19920.86 Hz
BASF chimney
(100 m)
Antwerp, Belgiumpassive tuned mass damper19920.34 Hz
8.5 t
Siemens power station
(70 m)
Killingholme, UKpassive tuned mass damper19920.88 Hz
Rokko island P & G
(117 m)
Kobe, Japanpassive tuned mass damper ( pendulum type)19930.33-0.62 Hz
270 t
Chifley Tower
(209 m)
Sydney, Australiapassive tuned mass damper ( pendulum type)1993400 t
Al Taweeiah chimney
Abu Dhabipassive tuned mass damper19931.4Hz
1.35 t
Akita Tower
(112 m)
Akita, Japanpassive tuned mass damper19940.41 Hz
Sendagaya INTES Office Building
(58 m)
Tokyo, Japan2 active mass dampers19910.59 Hz
ORC 2000 Symbol Tower
(188 m)
Osaka, Japan2 active tuned mass dampers19920.21 Hz
200 t
Kansai International Airport
Osaka, Japan2 active tuned mass dampers (inverted pendulum )19930.8 Hz
Yokohama Landmark Tower
(296 m)
Yokohama, Japan2 active tuned mass dampers19930.185 Hz
340 t
C Office Tower
(130 m)
Tokyo, Japanactive mass damper19930.34 Hz
200 t
KS Project
(121 m)
Kanazawa, Japanactive mass damper1993100t
MKD8 Hikarigaoka Office Building
(100 m)
Tokyo, Japanactive mass damper (pendulum)19930.44 Hz
Riverside Sumida
(133m )
Tokyo, Japan2 active mass dampers19940.29 Hz
Act City Office Building
(213 m)
Hamamatsa, Japanactive/passive tuned mass damper19940.21 Hz
180 t
Shinjuku Park Tower
(227 m)
Tokyo, Japan3 active tuned mass dampers1994330 t
Nagasaki Airport Tower
(42 m)
Nagasaki, Japan25 tuned liquid damper (circular sloshing type)19871.07 Hz
1 t (approx.) (temporary installation)
Yokohama Marine Tower
(105 m)
Yokohama, Japan39 tuned liquid damper (circular sloshing type)19870.55 Hz
Gold Tower
(136 m)
Udatsu, Japan16 tuned liquid dampers (rectangular unidirectional type)19880.42 Hz
Shin-Yokohama Prince Hotel
Yokohama, Japan30 tuned liquid dampers (circular sloshing type)19910.31 Hz
Mount Wellington Broadcasting Tower
(lattice tower, 104 m)
Hobart, Australia80 tuned liquid dampers (circular sloshing type)19920.7 Hz
TYG Building
(159 m)
Atsugi, Japan720 tuned liquid dampers (double donut type)19920.53 Hz
18.2 t
Narita Airport Tower
(87 m)
Narita, Japantuned liquid dampers (circular sloshing type)19931.3 Hz
16.5 t + floating particles
Haneda Airport Tower
(178 m)
Tokyo, Japan tuned liquid dampers (circular sloshing type)19930.77 Hz

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