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Set A a: beam structures
Historic, modern structures: bridges, buildings; supports, hinges; determinate and indeterminate; cantilever, simply supported, continuous; constant and variable sections; timber, wrought iron, steel, reinforced, prestressed concrete.
Set B b: arch structures
Historic, modern arches: voussoir, 3-hinged, 2-hinged, fixed, tied-arches; supports, hinge details; bridges, buildings; open, solid spandrel; steel, concrete arches; rib sections include solid, I, truss, shell; transverse bracing, rise-to-span ratio.
Set C c: cable and suspension structures
Historic, modern structures: statically determinate, indeterminate, flexible, stiff systems; stiffened cable, stiffened girder; bridges, buildings; chain, cable, suspension, cable-stayed systems; self-anchored; cable-nets, long-span roofs.
Set D d: truss structures
Historic, modern trusses: determinate, indeterminate; Pratt, Warren, Bailey trusses; X-, K-bracing; bridges, buildings; pinned, riveted, welded construction; hinged, expansion bearings; high-rise buildings, shear bracing, space frames.
Set E e: domes and shells
Historic, modern structures: cathedrals, auditorium roofs; small and large diameter, ribbed, truss, thin-shell domes; folded plates, hyperbolic paraboloid, barrel, cylindrical, waveform translational roofs; double curvature shells.
Set F f: columns, frames, grids, slabs
Historic, modern structures: hinged, fixed, supported, unsupported, stone, steel, concrete columns; buttresses, flying buttresses; tall buildings, towers, cranes; frame buildings, shear walls; Vierendeel girder; grids, one- and two-way slabs.
Set G g: construction
Eight structures during construction: Forth Suspension bridge, Scotland; Oakland Coliseum Arena; simple and continuous box girders; incremental launching, composite section, and cable-stayed bridges; Dumbarton Bridge.