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Performance of seismic isolation hardware under service and seismic loading

Constantinou, M. C.

MCEER 07-0012, Buffalo, NY : Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, Technical report, 1520-295X ;, 2007, xxvii,440p (500 N24 07-12)

This report presents state-of-the-art knowledge on the behavior of contemporary seismic isolators (elastomeric and lead-rubber bearings; sliding isolators) and fluid viscous dampers, under both service and seismic loads. Specific problems addressed include the effects of ambient temperature, aging and history of loading, and the effects of frictional or hysteretic heating. The study focused on developing an understanding of the impact of these parameters on seismic isolators and dampers, to better understand how these devices will respond over a lifetime of use in seismically protected structures. Reviews of seismic protective systems as well as analysis and design methods for hardware are presented.

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