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Simulation of dynamic shear band propagation. Part I: Failure mode transition

Li, Shaofan; Liu, Wing-Kam; Rosakis, Ares J.; Han, Wei; Belytschko, Ted

UCB/SEMM-2000/07, Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 2000, 33 pages (500/C23/2000/07)

A meshfree discretization/approximation has been used in a simple explicit displacement based formulation to simulate dynamic shear propagation in a pre-notched plate with impact loading. The main contributions of this study are: 1) the numerical computations have successfully simulated the failure mode transition/switch; 2) the numerical simulation confirms that there is a self-similar, autonomous state variable field moving with shear band in front of a propagating, brittle crack, and 3) adiabatic shear band can propagate only if the newly formed localization suffers a stress collapse.

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