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Dynamic stress analysis of porous elastic solids saturated with compressible fluids

Ghaboussi, Jamshid

UCB/EERC-71/06, Earthquake Engineering Research Center, University of California, Berkeley, 1971-08, 98 pages (475/G47/1971)

The objective of this research was to develop a method for stress analysis of saturated soil structures under dynamic loading or earthquake loading by idealizing soil as a fluid saturated porous media and allowing the flow of fluid with respect to solid. This creates the capability of realistically evaluating the pore pressures and intergranular stresses in earth structures during earthquakes. With the method proposed in this investigation, pore pressures and intergranular stresses can be evaluated directly for any given earthquake base motion, which are essential for stability analysis and analysis of liquefaction potential of soil structures. Biot's theory of acoustic propagation in saturated porous elastic media has been used to systematically develop a Gurtin-type variational principle which has been discretized by finite element method and quadrilateral element has been used for this purpose. The resulting matrix equations of motion have been integrated in time by a general step-by-step integration scheme. A computer program has been developed which is capable of analyzing systems of fluid and/or solid as well as saturated porous solid for arbitrary dynamic loading or earthquake base motion. An earth dam reservoir system has been analyzed for a specified earthquake and the results have been discussed briefly.

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