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Dynamic response analysis of inelastic building structures: the DRAIN series of computer programs

Prakash, Vipul

UCB/SEMM-1992/28, Dept. of Civil Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, 1992-12, 310 pages (500/C23/92/28)

A family of three computer programs has been developed for the analysis of nonlinear building structures. These programs are DRAIN-2DX, DRAIN-3DX and DRAIN-BUILDING. DRAIN-2DX is for two-dimensional structures, and is an extension of the well-established DRAIN-2D program. DRAIN-3DX is essentially a three-dimensional version of DRAIN-2DX. DRAIN-BUILDING is specifically for tall buildings. In this program a structure is modeled as an assemblage of floors connected by "interfloors" consisting of columns, walls and braces. The structure stiffness matrix is partitioned into floor and interfloor blocks, and a hypermatrix storage scheme and solver are used. Each program consists of a base program plus a set of subroutines for each element type. Only a few simple elements are currently available, and additional elements are needed. The procedures for adding new elements are well defined. It is hoped that other researchers will find that the DRAIN programs are suitable for developing new elements.

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