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Full-scale shaking table tests for improvement of functional maintenance in medical facility against earthquake

Sato, Eiji; Sakai, H.; Inoue, T.; Nakashima, Masayoshi

Lisboa, Portugal. WCEE, 2012, paper presented at 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal, September, 2012., author retains copyright, 2012-09, PDF

The goal of this research is to improve seismic performance and function maintenance performance of the medical facilities and to ensure that the injured and wounded could be treated promptly after a major earthquake. Therefore shake table tests with the realistic hospital building specimen were conducted for the first time in the world. Some serious damages on the function occurred on the fixed-base structure against the large short-period ground motions and the seismic isolation structure against the long-period and the long-duration ground motions. The shake table tests on the medical facility prepared for the measures to prevent the damages were conducted again, and function maintenance performance of the medical facilities with the measures was verified. It was confirmed that the measures maintained enough function of the medical facilities on the seismic isolation structure.

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