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Development of seismic fragility curves for hospital equipment

Zolfaghari, Mohammad R.; Jahanbakhsh, Shima

Lisboa, Portugal. WCEE, 2012, paper presented at 15th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, Lisbon, Portugal, September, 2012., author retains copyright, 2012-09, PDF

Safety and serviceability of hospitals exposed to earthquakes depend on many factors: structural integrity, nonstructural and utility performance and response of medical facility and other contents to seismic motions. Among these factors, seismic vulnerability of medical equipment's and contents are crucial in assessing the functionality of hospital under seismic motions. In this study an analytical approach is proposed to estimate seismic vulnerability of hospital equipment's, using simulation on a virtual shaking table. The methodology examines performance of various types of contents in terms of sliding, overturning and impacts caused by seismic motions. The procedure involves using many horizontal and vertical strong ground motion records to incorporate uncertainties associated with ground motions. A virtual 3D shaking table software is used to model sliding and overturning performance of free standing equipment. In order to test the model, inventory of contents and equipment in a surgery theatre are collected and modeled three dimensionally in this study. These equipment are modeled on the virtual shaking table and their performance under many strong ground motion records are collected and further analyzed to estimate probabilistic distribution of damages caused by seismic motions. Graphs showing preliminary fragility curves are presented for these equipment's. The procedure presented in this paper can be extended to a variety of other contents and equipment used in different buildings.

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