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Central and Eastern United States seismic source characterization for nuclear facilities

2012, PDF

The CEUS-Seismic Source Characterization provides the nuclear industry a new, regional seismic source model for use in conducting probabilistic seismic hazard analyses (PSHAs) for nuclear facilities in the eastern and central United States. This site provides the Central and Eastern United States Seismic Source Characterization (CEUS-SSC) for Nuclear Facilities report an its appendices. [The final report is over 3,000 pages with hundreds of figures and tables with key chapters addressing - Chapter 2: SSHAC Level 3 Assessment Process and Implementation; Chapter 3: Earthquake Catalog; Chapter 4: Conceptual Seismic Source Characterization Framework; Chapter 5: SSC Model: Overview and Methodology.] The website is sponsored by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Dept. of Energy, and EPRI - the Electric Power Research Institute.

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