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Seismic retrofitting manual for highway structures : Part 2 - Retaining structures, slopes, tunnels, culverts, and roadways

Power, Maurice S.; Fishman, Kenneth L.; Richards, Rowland; Makdisi, Faiz I.; Musser, Samuel; Youd, T. Leslie

FHWA-HRT-05-067, McLean, VA : Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), 2004-08, PDF

This report is the second of a two-part publication entitled: Seismic Retrofitting Manual for Highway Structures: Part 1: Bridges Part 2: Retaining Structures, Slopes, Tunnels, Culverts and Roadways. Part 2 includes new procedures for determining the seismic vulnerability of other important highway system structures, namely, retaining structures, slopes, tunnels, culverts, and roadways. Guidance is provided on (a) screening for potential seismic vulnerabilities; (b) conducting a detailed evaluation; and (c) describing strategies for retrofit design. In addition, discussion is provided for classifying each structure by type, construction, or expected performance. This is needed since different types of a given structure (e.g., different types of retaining walls) may have different failure modes and will therefore require somewhat different approaches to seismic vulnerability screening, detailed evaluation, and retrofitting.

Available online: (18 MB)