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Engineering demand parameters for structural framing systems

Whittaker, Andrew S.; Deierlein, Gregory G.; Hooper, John D.; Merovich, Andrew T.

Redwood City, Ca.: Applied Technology Council (ATC), ATC-58 Project Task Report, Phase 2, Task 2.2, [2004], PDF

Engineering Demand Parameters (EDPs) are structural response quantities that can be used to predict damage to structural and nonstructural components and systems. Phase 2 of the ATC-58 project to develop next-generation performance-based seismic design guidelines includes tasks related to the identification of EDPs for structural and nonstructural components used in existing codes, guidelines and resource documents. This report lists EDPs in use at this time (USA - 2004) for predicting the earthquake performance of structural components and systems and provides some discussion of needs and directions to define and quantify EDPs for comprehensive performance assessment.

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