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Performance assessment of conventional and base-isolated nuclear power plants for earthquake and blast loadings

Huang, Yin-Nan; Whittaker, Andrew S.; Luco, Nicolas

MCEER-08-0019, MCEER, Multidisciplinary Center for Earthquake Engineering Research, 2008-10-28, PDF (6.5 MB) (500 N24 08-19)

The report assesses the performance of sample conventional and base-isolated (Friction Pendulum, lead rubber, and low-damping rubber bearings) nuclear power plant reactor buildings subjected to seismic and blast loadings. Seismic assessment uses an improved Zion method of fragility curves defined by structural response parameters. Blast performance assessment uses air and ground shock wave loadings generated by a design explosive. The isolators are effective in filtering out high acceleration, high frequency ground shock loading.

Available online: (6 MB)