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A Procedure for assessing reliability of offshore pile foundations under wave loading

Ubaji, Rauf J.; Houston, William N.

UCB/GT-79-01, University of California, Berkeley, Geotechnical Engineering, 1979-03, PDF (4.3 MB)

The objective of the research is the collection and organization of information on wave statistics, wave force calculations and soil structure interaction techniques and uncertainties and the determination of the value and distribution of extreme value moment that an offshore platform will experience during its lifetime. A probabilistic design methodology is then developed for calculating the reliability of offshore piles under operating environmental conditions. The method simulates various wave-pile-soil interactions and the solution includes the important uncertainties in soil behavior. The methodology is illustrated by considering a design problem of a pile-supported, truss-framed platform in 170 feet of water during an eight-hour hurricane-like storm.

Available online: (4 MB)